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Forum For Chinese Democracy Or The Status Quo?

Tibet, Activism And Information

China's Regime Targeting Exiled Chinese Democracy Federation China’s Regime  Targeting Exiled Chinese Democracy Federation


What troubling currents are flowing through the Federation for a Democratic China (FDC), an organization dedicated to human rights, democracy and freedom? It seems to be targeted by the corrosive influences of the CCP. Should you consider such as the ramblings of baseless conspiracy have a look at the website of the Forum for a Democratic China and Asia which we understand is formally associated with the FDC.

It features a curious agenda, that far from championing human rights and freedoms emphasizes economic and social rights to such an extent that it will no doubt attract criticism as being a dilution of the cores principles and objectives of the FDC.

‘First, adhere to the principle of peaceful, rational and non-violent, Abandon the idea and means of “violent revolution”.

Second, the non-violent movement need to be brought from human rights, politics to other…

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This entry was posted on October 25, 2014 by in General News Stories.
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