Top 10 Turn-Offs for Women

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Have you considered turn-offs for women? Or do you tend to instantly like or dislike a man without knowing why? There was a time when women were predominately concerned with making themselves more appealing to the opposite sex. But now that many women prefer to choose instead of being chosen, their preferences demand attention. Here are 10 turn-offs for women of all ages and stages of their relationships.

1. Being Ignored
Being ignored is one of the main things that turn women off. From the first day of a relationship until death, most women expect their partners to be attentive. Most women judge how important they are to their partner, by how much attention they receive when expressing their concerns and opinions or when asking for advice.

When men act as though other things are more important or more interesting, or when they casually dismiss something that is important to a woman, they are setting the tone for a rocky, if not short, relationship. And when men engage in the common ploy of showing interest during the beginning stages of a relationship and allowing it to dwindle as the relationship progresses, they usually find that the woman’s attraction for him takes a similar dive.

2. The Wannabe Big Shot
Women are appalled by men who talk a big game knowing they do not have the means to follow through. Almost every woman has encountered the guy standing at the bar, bragging intentionally-loud so that everyone can hear him. Or even worse, the guy who picks you up in a rented BMW, pretending he is the owner.

Men often convince themselves that all women are after the guys with the biggest and the best of everything. This becomes a motive for those men to paint colorful and fictitious pictures of themselves. But in reality, women find this behavior disgusting, so instead of making themselves attractive, these guys become female turn-offs.
3. Self-Admiration
Some women get dinner and a movie. Other women get dinner and an earful of self-admiration when they go out on a date with a guy. Men who waste women’s time by inviting them on dates so they can spend the evening glorifying themselves are truly a bore.
A woman sitting across the table listening to her date gab about his university GPA, his honors, the sports he played, his stellar performance at work, and his new investment ideas is usually not impressed. She is probably bored to death and hoping never to be sentenced to another date with him
.4. Preoccupation with Sex
Whether it is a first date or a 10-year marriage, women do not want to feel as though sex is all that men want from them.During the beginning of relationships, most women do not want to hear sexually explicit stories or comments and they do not care to discuss their past performances. This proves true even when women are dressed seductively and, ironically, even if they have had or are willing to have a one-night stand.In long-term relationships, women don’t want men’s interest to be switched on when they are sexually aroused and switched off after intimacy occurs. Most women want to be caressed, fondled, complimented and otherwise shown affection and intimacy, even when their partners are not seeking sexual gratification.

5. Chauvinism
Despite what women accomplish and contribute to society, there are still men who act as if they are the superior sex. These men have many ways of displaying their attitude. Some, for example, have a belittling title for every woman. The cashier is little lady. The waitress is darling. And the bartender is sweet cheeks.
Other men belittle women’s efforts to perform what they believe to be male tasks. For example, a man may say “this little lady cop pulled me over and had the nerve to write me a ticket.” Whatever the chauvinist behavior, it never fails to be a turn-off for women.
6. Expecting the Woman to Take Care of the Kids
Some men have the misconception that motherhood is something that comes naturally and that women want to devote their lives to child-rearing. On the contrary, many women are as focused on their goals, careers, and social lives as men and they prefer to share family responsibilities.These women do not want to be left home feeding babies and changing diapers while their partners maintain their normal business and social lives. This is one of the female turn-offs that takes a serious toll on a relationship.

7. Paying too Much Attention to Other Women

Men who look at other women, who talk about the physical attributes of other women, or who are too flirtatious are not likely to appeal to women. It does not matter whether the woman is on TV or lying on a beach virtually naked.
Women like men who are respectful enough to pretend they do not notice. Furthermore, when a man and woman go out and they can barely make their way through a bar or club without the man getting hugs, rubs, waves, and winks, the man is not likely to score points with his date.
8. The Not-So-Courteous Approach
Whistling, using slang, or grabbing a woman’s elbow to get her attention are a few of the many things that turn women off when they are approached by a man. Descent women expect men who are interested in them to approach them thoughtfully and respectfully. Women always prefer a gentleman.
9. Poor Grooming Habits
The appeal of sweaty athletes or grungy musicians proves the magic of television and glossy magazines. In real life, women are not generally attracted to wet bodies or the odors that accompany them. A jogger who runs into the convenience store for a sports drink and expects to get your phone number will probably get disappointed instead.Beyond basic hygiene, many women are calling for more. Recently a radio talk show’s topic was the double standard of appearance.
Most women who called in expressed displeasure and frustration at the fact that men want sleek, gorgeous women, yet they do not take care of themselves. Generally, men with pot bellies, dirty fingernails, and disheveled hair are turn-offs for women.
10. Bad Pick-Up Lines
A sense of humor can be a great thing— when a guy is actually funny. A good pickup line will leave a woman with a lasting impression. But more often, women are exposed to guys who try so hard that they are female turn-offs.With many women, it is a one-shot deal. Lame pickup lines or bad jokes will erase any opportunity a man may have of getting a date. Other women may let a few bad jokes slide, but when men continue, a woman’s interest tends to diminish.If your relationship is suffering and you don’t know why, consider these female turn-offs. If your partner is guilty of any of the above-mentioned turn-offs for women and you don’t know how to confront him, perhaps you should leave this article where he will see it.


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