Outrage: Federal Communications Commission Set to Kill Net Neutrality

photo credit - www.acslaw.org
photo credit – http://www.acslaw.org

Three months ago, Watchdog and other activists delivered a petition with a million signatures to the FCC in support of net neutrality — to keep the whole Internet available to everyone.

This week, the news broke that the FCC intends to blow us off and betray the principle of equal access to the Internet.

When he received those 1 million signatures in January, the FCC chairman said (awkwardly): “One of the great things about what the Internet does and why it needs to stay open, it enables people to organize and express themselves. A million people? That’s boffo.”

Chairman Wheeler apparently thought a pat on the head would satisfy us. It certainly will not. We don’t want empty rhetoric — we want a commitment to the democratic principle of net neutrality.

Yesterday, Wheeler, a former cable lobbyist, revealed proposed new rules — drafted by himself — that would end net neutrality! Big corporations would pay for faster delivery of their content, making it difficult for smaller operations to compete.

Tell Chairman Wheeler and the rest of the Federal Communications Commission: we want action for democratic media, not platitudes as smokescreens for corporate domination of the Internet.

PETITION TO FCC: No fake fixes or half-measures! Save the open Internet by restoring Net Neutrality right away.


Click here to sign — it just takes a second: http://act.watchdog.net/petitions/4565?ls=Qv8vvtCpNis



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