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5 Ways You Sleep that Reveal Your Destiny….

Who would’ve thought that even the way you sleep can reveal things about you? According to traditional Chinese medicine, sleeping habits indicate character and destiny. In Chinese, this ancient field of study is referred to as 相學 (xiàng xué).

1. The breathing turtle: Sleepers who breathe like turtles while sleeping, with long and even breadths, are destined for eminence and longevity.

2. The peaceful, pleasant, quiet sleeper: Sleepers destined for riches and longevity sleep peacefully, pleasantly, and quietly. This contrasts with high intelligence sleepers, sleepers who do not sleep deeply, and tend to wake up easily.

3. Side-sleepers: Side sleepers are the kings of sleeping. Side-sleeping has connotations of good fortune and longevity. There is a saying that sleeping on one’s right side, also known as the “Reclining Buddha,” is the most supreme sleeping position.

4. Twisted dog, coiled dragon sleepers: Those who sleep in the position of a twisted dog, or a coiled up dragon, are destined for riches and high rank. These are kinds of side-sleeping positions.

5. Those who sleep little: Those who sleep little are destined for power.


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