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Meanwhile In Australia – North Queensland Horror Dog Comes Back From The Dead….

A TOWNSVILLE family who euthanised their vicious dog after it killed their chickens and mauled other dogs 18 months ago were horrified to learn it was still alive and attacking other animals last week.

Leigh Ward and his partner Marianne Wainwright made a difficult decision to put down their adopted bull mastiff cross, Sasha, at Greencross Vets in Woodlands last April out of fear she would attack their young children.

Mr Ward was shocked when Townsville City Council dog catchers called last week to say their dog, who was traced back to the family through her microchip, had mauled a dog and tried to attack other pets in Alice River last Wednesday night.

According to the death certificate issued by Greencross Vets, Sasha should have died on April 12.

Greencross Vets yesterday would not confirm the dog was euthanised last year and would not comment on details around the incident.


“Greencross Vets is aware a dog in the community is being investigated,’’ a statement said.

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