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Meanwhile In Japan.. A local council pays $20,000 for repair of Lamborghini damaged by pothole

Aichi Prefecture city council pays $20,000 for repair of Lamborghini damaged by pothole

A city in Aichi Prefecture has decided to shell out 2 million yen (around $20,350) to pay for the repair of a Lamborghini that was damaged when it hit a pothole while driving a city-maintained road. This prompted angry reactions from netizens who believe if someone can afford the luxury car, they should not be charging the city for repairs.

Owariasahi City is set to pay for the damage to the under-panel of the luxury vehicle that got stuck in a pothole on the road in Tomei Nishimachi last August 14. According to the city representatives, the road appears flat but the car hit an indentation that’s 4.5m long and 8cm deep, causing damage not just to the under-panel but also to the back bumper. Even though the car is obviously insured, the council voted to pay for the damage from the city’s damage insurance policy, since it is standard procedure to pay for any damage incurred by cars traveling in city-maintained roads.

But netizens would have none of it, criticizing the city government for their decision and incredulous that the owner of the car would actually claim damages from the city, when obviously they can afford to shoulder the cost themselves, since they own a very expensive vehicle. One even surmised that maybe because it’s a foreign car that the council is paying for it, but if it was a local luxury car, maybe it wouldn’t be the case. Some have even joked that the driver should have noticed a pothole that big and so shouldn’t be “rewarded” for his stupidity.


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