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Meanwhile In Australia – Government to drive bikie gangs such as Finks and Bandidos out of Gold Coast and their own clubhouses

GCB Southport Court

Finks associate Jason Trouchet leaves the Southport watchhouse. Pic: David Clark Source: News Limited

ACCUSED Gold Coast bikie brawl instigator Jacques Teamo

ACCUSED Gold Coast bikie brawl instigator Jacques Teamo has handed himself in to police.

The senior Bandidos bikie walked into Southport police station accompanied by his lawyer Chris Hannay just after 9am on Tuesday.

He was named in Southport Magistrates Court as the leader of a ‘lynch mob’ of 60 Bandidos who terrorised the Gold Coast on Friday night.

BIKIE BRAWL: Target boasts ‘You see any marks on my face?’

Teamo allegedly walked into a Broadbeach restaurant and told Finks bikie gang associate Jason Trouchet, “This is it.”

Trouchet’s lawyer told the court his client feared he would be “led down a dark alley … and end up in a wheelchair or coffin” and started fight with the Bandidos to attract police attention.

Teamo was shot during a confrontation with a Finks rival at Robina Town Centre last year, a week after his Mermaid Beach tattoo parlour was peppered with bullets.

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