Meanwhile In Japan – Shopkeepers get tough with petty thieves, threaten death

Aussie saleTOKYO —

Be it a show of bravado, the result of peer pressure, or a misguided act of teenage rebellion, shoplifting – or “manbiki” as it is known – is a crime that thousands of kids across Japan commit each year. Most, no sooner have they pocketed some trinket or other, regret their actions immediately and are terrified to return to the scene of the crime lest they be apprehended by the store owner or a SWAT team lying in wait. A few, though, make a habit of stealing little odds and ends from stores, and before long it becomes a serious problem.

Japan’s shopkeepers are on the lookout for sticky-fingered school kids, and are giving them fair warning of the terrible things that will happen should they be caught pilfering, with promises to hunt down, and in some cases physically violate, petty thieves.

Shared by Japan’s Twitter users, these anti-shoplifting signs and posters send a clear message to any would-be thieves.

Many start off fairly directly, reminding shoppers both young and old that shoplifting is a punishable crime. But nearly all go on to scare the reader so much that we wouldn’t be surprised to see high school kids walking around stores with their hands in the air saying “I’m not touching anything, yo!”

Some of the posters’ messages are below.

“Staff are patrolling and security cameras are in use. We will chase thieves no matter where they go.”

“If you are discovered, the police and your school will be informed. I will never stop coming after you.”

“You steal and I’ll put you down. In the beautiful Tokyo Bay. So give it up, okay?”

“Even if you hide in the toilets, I will end your life. Stealing is a crime. The police will be informed. NO STEALING”

Source: Naver Matome


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