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Meanwhile In Japan – Chinese found cheating on their Japanese driver’s license test via mobile phones

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police said they will be installing signal jamming devices in driving license centres in Tokyo to block mobile communication. The police department was informed that dozens of Chinese nationals taking driver’s license exams were cheating by using mobile phones.

About 200 Chinese nationals were discovered to have been issued with a driver’s license despite their inability to read the written answers. According to the police, these Chinese brought mobile phones to the testing centres, where concealed earphones were wirelessly connected. They were able to pass the exam because they were coached with the correct answers. A number of Chinese nationals were already taken into custody in June last year for similar offenses. One who acted as a broker helping the Chinese to get driver’s licenses was also arrested.

In order to avoid similar incidents, the police said they will be coordinating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to install signal jamming devices in three testing centres in Tokyo next month. These devices will interfere with incoming calls as they emit radio waves similar to the frequency of mobile phone signals. The use of mobile phones to cheat during exams is not limited to testing centres for driver’s license. Some aspiring students of prestigious universities also used the same practice on entrance exams.


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This entry was posted on September 18, 2013 by in General News Stories.
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