Meanwhile In China – Chinese man steals pet cats, sells them to local restaurants as mutton


Whether it be counterfeit foods or the use of hazardous chemicals in the food manufacturing process, China has seen a number of incidents in recent years that question the safety of its food industry. At a time when trust in food safety is still a delicate issue comes yet another bizarre incident that will once again send chills down many readers’ spines. The incident tells the story of pet cats which were stolen and then turned into fake mutton by a man looking to make a quick buck. The poor cats were then sold as “wholesale meat” on the food market.

The cat thief’s mastermind technique.

Just how did the man capture the neighborhood cats with such ease? His method was simple, yet ingenious. It turns out that he used a live sparrow to snare the unassuming cats into a trap. First he prepared a cage from which he dangled the live sparrow. When the cats thought it was their lucky day, the man then quickly lowered the door to the cage, entrapping the poor felines. Reports suggest that the man was able to lure the cats in within a matter of minutes of them drawing near.


A quick getaway

Reports began to pile in of cats being stolen close to the man’s abode, and it wasn’t long before police made it onto the scene. However, one policeman commented that initial attempts to catch the man proved close to impossible because he was able to make a quick getaway on his motor bike every time. When the man was eventually caught in the early hours of September 9, police were shocked to find 20 live pet cats inside the three sacks piled up on his bike.

▼ The bike the culprit used to round-up the pet cats.


▼ The poor cats are inside these bags.


Cat meat and mutton. How can you confuse the two?

When questioned by police about his motives, the man replied that he saw the cats as a lucrative money-making scheme. So how could you trick anyone into believing cat meat was in fact mutton? It appears that the cat thief had a devious trick up his sleeve. To recreate an authentic mutton-like smell, he soaked the cat meat in lambs’ urine and oil. He admitted, “I sold the fake meat at wholesale prices to restaurants.”

Uproar from local citizens

The following is from an interview of the cat thief by a local resident:

Cat thief: It’s not like I wanted to do this job for a living. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s completely lacking in the morals department.

Local: There’s no doubt that you did it for the money. If you’ve got this much of a business sense, why not try your hand at something more above board? Don’t make the excuse that you were picking up wild cats. All of them had doting owners.

Man: But I didn’t enter onto anyone’s property.

Local: If that’s true, how on earth did you manage to steal so many cats?

Man: I just waited for them to come strolling into the alley.

Local: All of the cats that live around here are kept as pets!

▼ The cat thief. Perhaps it’s time to consider a new career.


A blow to the local community

After it came to light that the man had been selling the meat of pet cats as wholesale mutton to restaurants in the area, many locals couldn’t help but feel disgusted. We don’t even want to think about how many unassuming customers ended up eating someone’s family pet. It is something that will undoubtedly bring tears to many people’s eyes and it’s hard not to feel compassion for the poor families who lost their dear cats to this menacing feline snatcher. It is clearly an unsettling case and we sincerely hope that there aren’t any repeat incidents in the future.



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