Meanwhile In Japan – Nigerian Bar owner, 3 hostesses arrested for drugging, robbing customer

funphoto6TOKYO —

Police in Tokyo have arrested a Nigerian bar owner and three hostesses for drugging the drinks of a male customers and then using his cash cards to empty out his bank account.

Police identified the bar as Club Little Cat in the Kabukicho district in Shinjuku and said that about 20 men had been drugged and robbed since April, netting the suspects around 10 million yen, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police suspect that since the club opened seven years ago, male customers have been robbed of about 300 million yen.

The four were formally charged over a robbery that took place on April 20. According to police, a hostess targeted a 42-year-old male drinking by himself and plied him with whiskey containing a knockout drug. The hostess took the man’s cash card to a convenience store and stole 1.3 million yen, before returning the cash card, police said.

Police didn’t say how the suspects were able to ascertain the victim’s PIN number.

Source: Japan Today


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