Meanwhile In Japan, some can’t decide between Beef Tongue and Eel ice cream?

NI 4
Miyazaki beef tongue ice cream
NI 3
Ice cream from Shizuoka that tastes like freshwater eel, complete with the spices usually sprinkled on it after barbequing

Opened in 1996, Namja Town is an indoor amusement park in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. The park has a variety of participatory attractions, including ghost hunts, mysteries to solve, and a romantic compatibility test for couples. Unfortunately, these are all pretty inaccessible without at least some level of Japanese language skill.

Thankfully, language barriers present little problem for two sections of Namja Town: the Gyoza (pot sticker) Stadium, which lets you sample dumplings from various restaurants all in one handy dining area, and the newly renovated Fukubukuro Dessert Street, with a variety of sweet indulgences.

Even before this month’s renovation, Namja Town offered a number of special ice creams from around Japan, served in individual serving-sized cups. The newly christened Regional Ice Cream Parlor still carries roughly 50 different varieties, but they’re now available by the scoop as well, for a more upscale dessert experience.

Source, images: Entabe


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