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Meanwhile In the UK: Pigs, Cattle Who Eat Monsanto GMO Soy and Corn Offers Frightening Results

UK Environment officials praise GMO crops as ‘safer than conventional’ ones, but a recent study reveals more sobering evidence that the world urgently needs to ask fundamental safety questions about genetic engineering of the human food chain.

The first long term study of the effects on inner organs from a diet of Monsanto GMO maize and GMO soya has just been released. The results are shocking and validate the September 2012 long-term study by Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini of the effects on rats of a diet of GMO Maize.

Despite the fact that feeding pigs and cattle and other animals with GMO mixes of corn and soya had been common and allowed for some two decades, this is the first independent long-term feeding trial study of GMO effects on livestock. It indicates how thoroughly Monsanto and the GMO agribusiness grain lobby have been able to control government oversight. What few people realize is that since the USDA authorized commercial release of GMO soy and maize for animal and human feed in 1996, most meat sold in supermarkets, not only in the USA, but across the EU contains animals fed not on open grass fields, but on mixes of GMO soya and maize.

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