Meanwhile In Japan: Government’s proposed ‘death tax’ criticized by Japanese netizens


The recent suggestion by the Japanese government to add a “death tax” upon the passing of an individual has drawn the ire of more than a few netizens. Even if the proposal is still in its very early stages, already people are expressing their opinion on how the tax will add to the burden of the deceased’s relatives, especially those who cannot afford additional expenses.

According to an article in one of the leading daily newspapers, the proposed consumption tax has been discussed in the prime minister’s office for a few weeks now. At the National Commission on reform of social security systems meeting held last June 3, a proposal was submitted to introduce the death tax as a way of covering the elders’ medical expenses. The tax will be collected from the deceased’s estate at the time of their death, with a fixed rate regardless of your stature in life.

The fixed rate is what bothers some of the netizens, much like the current consumption tax is applicable regardless of your age and economic situation. Even if now, it is just still information that was shared with experts at the commission, sources say that the government is already calculating the increase in tax revenues should this death tax actually come into fruition. One netizen said this tax is tantamount to “bullying the general public,” while another said that the government is trying to get money from people the easiest way possible. A few claim that the growing tax burden is unfair and unnecessary.

via Japan Crush ]


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