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This is David Cameron’s speech as Shadow education secretary to the Foreign Policy Centre on tackling terrorism: WOW ..he has changed NOW!

Shadow education secretary David Cameron’s speech to the Foreign Policy Centre on tackling terrorism:

“Thank you very much for the invitation to speak here this morning.

Your work – particularly on global security and the need to encourage greater freedom and democracy in the Middle East – has been immensely valuable.

Two principles lie behind much of what you do.

That Britain has an important role to play in international affairs.

And that foreign and domestic policy are deeply inter-connected.

You’re right about both.

And there’s no better example than the subject I would like to focus on today: the threat from extremist Islamist terrorism.

In recent weeks I have been outlining some of the challenges I believe we face as country – and the need to foster a new sense of shared responsibility to deal with them.

The challenges of global terror require exactly that kind of response.

We’re all in this together, and we must act together to defend our security.

I want to look at three areas in particular.

The truly global nature of the threat – and the foreign policy response that requires.

The security response that the government should take to ensure that liberal values are best defended from a dangerous assault.

And the action we need to take as a country to strengthen the ties which bind us together as a nation.

Our shared values

But we should first understand the connection between these three areas.

Our foreign policy response, our security response and our national response should all be rooted in our shared values.

Our shared values as a nation are not the same thing as our national character and characteristics.

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