Meanwhile In Australia:Motorcyclist accused of speeding at 273km/h was not awake!

THE mum of a motorcyclist charged with racing at 273km/h to evade police has said her son could not be responsible for the shocking incident … because he doesn’t get out of bed before noon.

Kay Johnston spoke exclusively to the Herald Sun and admitted 37-year-old Paul did stupid things, but said she would provide an alibi that he was at home at the time of the offence.

Leading Senior Constable Larry Piscioneri first recorded a motorcyclist travelling at 146km/h on the Hume Highway at 10am last Sunday.

But when he tried to intercept the vehicle, the rider accelerated to 273km/h, forcing an end to the pursuit for safety reasons.

Police raided the Johnston family home in Swanpool at 2pm on Saturday, where Mr Johnston lives in a caravan in the back garden.

He was charged with conduct endangering life, conduct endangering persons, evading police, driving in a dangerous manner, driving at dangerous speed, exceeding the speed limit, and possessing and using cannabis.

The son of retired policeman Neil Johnston was shown footage of the pursuit from the police car’s dashboard camera, but has told his mother the identity of the rider cannot be seen.

“This happened at 10am and Paul doesn’t even get up before noon,” Ms Johnston said.

Asked if she saw her son that morning, she replied: “It is really big, it has a really big engine like a V8 or something. I would have heard if he left on it.”

Ms Johnston said Paul had recently bought the bike and its number plate did include 1A, as police had earlier stated.

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