Meanwhile In Japan: Researchers invent visor to block facial recognition algorithms

In will be a very sad day for worlds population if we all have to wear something like this, JUST to have some privacy!!

With privacy becoming a hot button topic because of recent NSA revelations and the potential of devices like Google Glass to invade personal space, Japanese researchers claim to have come up with a way to block facial recognition algorithms. The new visor from the National Institute of Informatics makes sure that no one can take your picture without your permission.

The specs are equipped with 11 near-infrared LEDs that are placed around the bridge of the nose and will shine a bright light, undetectable by the human eye but recognized by cameras that are sensitive to infrared. Researchers Isao Echizen, associate professor at the institute, and Professor Seiichi Gohshi of Kogakuin University say that the glasses will make it difficult for cameras to try to focus on a face or a software program to identify who you are.

But since the privacy visors are still at the prototype stage, don’t expect any fashionable or bedazzled kind of glasses. Even the much maligned look of the Google Glass is still better compared to this prototype. And only infrared recognizing cameras will be affected by the visor, so people can still take random pictures of you. But if the idea will be fully developed, this is just what people may need, as there are growing fears that personal technology will lead to everyone being part of a “crowd-sourced collection of security cameras.” An open letter to Google CEO Larry Page was signed by almost 40 data-protection groups from countries like Australia, Canada, Israel and New Zealand, over privacy concerns with Google Glass.



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