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Meanwhile In Japan: Police now strictly enforcing 1948 law of ‘no dancing beyond midnight’ law

A 1948 Japanese law states that dancing is not allowed in drinking establishments unless they have a special permit that proves they have over 66m2 of dancing space.

This is no problem for a super-club, like Ageha; but as everyone knows, Japan`s cities are short on space, so most bars and clubs are small.

This law had been ignored for the most part, until recently. Police have started to crack-down on establishments that are breaking the rules by closing-them down early for the night and even arresting their owners/managers. 

While the establishments have tried their best to stay open, this has resulted in the death of the club scene in most cities like Osaka. Roppongi’s Vanity, was raided on a Sunday at 2AM and three staff members got arrested for allowing people to dance. Another club in Roppongi, Alfie, shut down when its owner was arrested for fueihoviolations. Salsa club Sudada is now a sit-down Latin restaurant. Flower Club also in Roppongi was attacked by masked men in September of last year and beat its owner to death, and yet no arrests were made. And yet, when it opened a few weeks later with the new name Studio Gate, the new owner and his employees were arrested for violating the fueiho law.

Sources; The Australian |


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