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Meanwhile on the way to Japan, Tokyo-bound Boeing 787 “Lemon” Dreamliner makes emergency landing

Why would you risk yours and anyone elses lives flying on these “Lemon of an Aircraft?

According to United Airlines Spokeswoman Mary Ryan, an “indication of a problem with an oil-filter” of one Boeing 787 Dreamliner had caused United Airlines flight 139 to make an emergency landing at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Tuesday. Ryan also said that they are going to re-accommodate the 200 passengers bound to Tokyo. Boeing 787 Spokeswoman Kate Bergman also assured that they are “engaged with United to provide any support” needed.

The Dreamliner took off at 1:19 PM from Denver International Airport in Colorado and had already reached the north of Vancouver, British Columbia when the oil-filter problem was discovered after 4:00 PM. Both United Airlines and Boeing have not disclosed the cause of the problem, although there are two possible reasons according to an aviation professor. James Simmons of the Metro State University said that an oil leak or filter clog may have prompted the flight crew to discontinue the flight. “An oil leak is always a big concern, because an engine will fail completely,” said the Denver-based professor. As for oil filter clogs, Simmons said that it may have resulted from “contamination in the oil.” He added that it’s common in either situation to shut down one engine “as a precautionary measure.”

Flight with one engine shut down may still be possible but former National Transportation Safety Board senior air accident investigator Greg Feith reminded that no one wants “to go over the pond with an oil-filter bypass or not knowing what the light is saying.” Although the Boeing Dreamliner had just returned to operations after a worldwide suspension due to battery problems, aviation experts believe that the oil-filter problem was not exclusive to the 787.





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This entry was posted on June 20, 2013 by in General News Stories.
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