Remember? Dr. Oz Sells Out to GMO Companies, Calling Organics Elitist & Undemocratic? What a Clown!

In a clever twist of reverse-psychology, Dr. Oz, famed as Oprah Winfrey’s ‘heath guru’ for years and now with his own popular television show that has been running since 2011, the celebrity is telling the mainstream that ‘we’ shouldn’t need non-GMO foods, as they are ‘elitist’ and that organic foods are ‘undemocratic.’

These are Dr. Oz’s comments last December in a Time magazine editorial, which seem to be an obvious ploy by Monsanto public relations executives to promote GMO in the face of the recent backlash (like the 2 Million March Against Monsanto that happened around the world in May). Dr. Oz touts the benefits of eating an organic diet, but has also called people who buy organic goods, ‘food snobs’ or ‘snooty’ – what’s going on here?

Dr. Oz stood up for himself after his interview with Time and a huge backlash of people questioned his alliances, stating:

“It’s the former that is true [people should eat organic foods], not the latter [they should not]. There is no question that if you can afford organic food, it is better for you. It is certainly much better for the environment. I call [what I talked about in the article] the “99% Diet,” because I’m actually in the 1%. I’m blessed with the ability to buy [organic] foods. My wife’s vegetarian, and we eat meticulously at home.”

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