Meanwhile In USA;Monsanto Video Revolt – July 24: Massive Grassroots Campaign Launched Against GMOs

“It is with great excitement that I am able to announce a massive new grassroots campaign against Monsanto that kicks the intellectual war against GMOs into warp speed. Following the great success of campaigns like March Against Monsanto, the new Monsanto Video Revolt brings the online revolution against Monsanto to life by enabling powerful activism on and before July 24th, 2013.”

The Monsanto Video Revolt campaign acts as a proverbial stake into the barely-beating heart of Monsanto, and the premise is very simple: on July 24th, we will blast all of the major video hosting websites like Youtube, Vimeo, and (where your content won’t get censored) with videos spreading the word about Monsanto and GMOs at large. Whether it’s a smart phone video or camcorder recording, it doesn’t matter — simply tell Monsanto and the world why we are kicking Big Biotech out of the world’s food supply.

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