GOOD NEWS; US: Maine Gov’t ignores Monsanto’s Bribery & Power – Supports GMO Labeling: 141 to 4 Vote

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Whittling away at the power of Monsanto and their GMO ‘seed’ is like carving a fine sculpture from ice –because that is what the corporate executives seem to have running through their veins. Fortunately the state of Maine House has voted to pass a bill called LD 718 that would require all genetically modified food products to carry a label describing them as such. “Produced with Genetic Engineering” is the key phrase that is being used. The vote was a crushing 141 to 4, in favor of GMO labeling which would go into place once four other contiguous states pass similar laws. While this is a great voting presence to support this bill, it still requires the action of lawmakers in the nearby states to become a reality.

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