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Australia – Tyler the Creator accused of verbally abusing woman and inciting gig crowd to the same.

US rapper Tyler The Creator

This Dickhead also referred to one of her children to have “messed-up STDs.”

See Video –

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the police have received complaints from an Australian woman who says she was verbally abused by US rapper Tyler the Creator at a Sydney show.

Police are investigating claims that Tyler unleashed an expletive-laden tirade on 24-year-old feminist campaigner Talitha Stone at Newton’s Enmore Theatre on Thursday night.

Ms Stone says the rapper pointed her out and incited abuse against her during the all-ages gig.

“Shortly into the show, that’s when Tyler for the first time called me out to the crowd saying, ‘I hope this b**** hears me, call her a b****’,” she said.
“Later on in the night he did that again and then referred to one of my children to have messed-up STDs.”

Ms Stone is a member of the feminist group Collective Shout, which posted a video of the incident on YouTube.

The group has been leading a campaigning to stop Tyler from performing in Australia and claim that his music promotes hate and violence against women.

“Once we were informed about the type of lyrics in his songs… we decided we would act upon it to try to get his visa revoked,” she said.

Before the gig, Ms Stone had tweeted about her plans to protest at a record signing in central Sydney.

“For the next 24 hours I received an onslaught of rape and violent threats online, on Twitter,” she said.

Ms Stone reported the alleged online abuse and on-stage tirade to NSW police and an investigation is currently underway.

Ms Stone says the last few days have left her feeling shaken.

“I wasn’t naive, I wasn’t not expecting a response, but definitely not to this degree,” she said.

“I’m still receiving stuff on Twitter… with references to rape.”

“It’s been pretty disturbing, the whole experience.”

Ms Stone says she attended the Newtown gig to collect photographic evidence that demonstrates the content of Tyler The Creator’s shows.

“I think we have evidence and proof that this kind of man has breached his visa and there should be further action against this,” she said.

Police are investigating whether it amounts to a threat against Ms Stone, which could warrant action from the Immigration Department.

Ms Stone says she is continuing to campaign to cancel another all-ages concert in Brisbane tonight.

“I’m not going to stop fighting against it,” she said.

An online petition with more than 20,00 signatures is calling for Tyler’s all-ages Brisbane show at the Eatons Hill Hotel to be cancelled tonight.


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