Meanwhile In Japan – A Pair of Yubari melons sell for $15,730 at auction

Pair of Yubari melons sell for $15,730 at auction

Are these melons made of gold? That must be what’s on the mind of people who hear about the price that a pair of Yubari melons fetched at an auction. For 15,730 dollars, you should expect the best tasting melons ever. But in Japan, the price of this type of fruit is more of a status-symbol rather than the actual value of the melons.

This year’s pair of luxury cantaloupe melons is only the third most expensive price ever paid for Yubari melons. Back in 2008, a pair sold for 24,730 dollars, but it was more for sympathy for the town of Yubari, which was experiencing financial difficulty since 2007. This year, the 3.7 kilo melons were sold at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market but don’t expect to see them at a market near you. These kinds of melons will eventually be sold in a luxury department store and bought by people looking to give expensive gifts for people they want to impress, just like you would give wine or truffles.

They say that the best looking Yubari melons are those with perfect spheres and with smooth, evenly patterned rind. They are placed in an ornate box, complete with a T-shaped stalk left on the fruit. We’re pretty sure they will eventually eat the expensive melons, but nobody sings the praises of the taste of these luscious fruits, so we can say that they’re mostly for “decorative” purposes. And if the price of the melons is any indication of Japan’s economy, then things must be really looking up for the country.


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