Sweden – Gutless Leftist journalists did not stand by brave Somali reporter

In Sweden the majority of media and journalists are Leftists, Liberals or Progressives. When a young female Somali immigrant becoming a news reporter and journalist for one of Sweden’s top political radio shows “Konflikt” she uncovered a growing problem of young people in her Somali Swedish immigrant population becoming more radicalized and joining the terrorist group Al-Shabab. 

She became an investigating reporter and uncovered that an after school activity center in Rinkeby, Sweden, that dealt with young people from Somalia was turning them into radical Muslims and leading toward a path to radical Islam. She reported that the Rinkeby Somali activity center was transforming young Swedish Somali immigrants into terrorist fighters for the terror group Al-Shabab and going to fight in Africa for that group. After she reported this she received threats of violence and her car was set a blaze. Her family turned against her as they were pressured. 

What did the Liberal Swedish media and journalists do? They did not protect her and applaud her efforts for discovering a terrorist training camp in Sweden, but instead turned against her and said her reports were false. They did this because it would effect the Leftist media ideal of “Multiculturalism” and “diversity”. The Liberal media was more interested in not giving the Center Right Social Democrats of Sweden any ammunition. One of the main persons who came out against the brave Swedish-Somali reporter was Randi Mossige-Norheim who discounted her claim, YET NEVER VERIFID if the report was true or not. This is because she believes in Political Correctness over REAL reporting. 

Now the brave Swedish Somali Moslem reporter has to leave Sweden because as she has said “Sweden has become more dangerous (for her) than Mogadishu”, because of the cowardly Leftist PC journalist of Sweden. What a disgrace for the Swedes when this can happen in their supposed “civilized” utopia to allow this to happen.


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