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Japanese Electronics Company Releases Camera Glasses for Under US$100

MM 11
With the general release of Google Glass still several months away, Tokyo-based electronics maker Thanko is already offering gadget lovers something that shares one function with Google’s wearable computer for a fraction of the price.
On April 11 Thanko released its mita manma megane, or “just what you see glasses” video camera, designed like a pair of eyeglasses.
A miniature camera is built into the temple portion of the frame. To operate the camera, users first pres and hold a button on the inner face of the left earpiece, until a blinking green light indicates the camera is in standby mode. One more tap of the button starts the recording process. The camera’s quiet operation makes it a little hard to tell if it’s recording, but thankfully in recording mode the blinking light turns off, letting you know you’re capturing video while also sparing you from looking like a festive Christmas decoration to those around you.


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This entry was posted on May 19, 2013 by in General News Stories.
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