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China – School For Torture Targets Falun Gong


Falun Gong practitioners are shown in Masanjia labor camp watching a video meant to re-educate them during a propaganda tour arranged by the camp authorities on May 22, 2001. One of the tortures used on the practitioners involves handcuffing them awkwardly between bunk beds, and then yanking the beds apart, causing excruciating pain. (AP Photo/John Leicester)

Chinese were shocked and outraged early this month to read that a labor camp in the northeast of the country, called Masanjia, has for years been administering extreme and excruciating torture against those detained in it. Much of the detail for that story was obtained from a diary smuggled out of the camp in the vagina of one of the survivors.

But horrified readers never found out the identity of victims, or the purpose of the torture and brainwashing they were subject to, or the sinister and crucial role of the camp in carrying out the most sweeping campaign of persecution orchestrated in contemporary Chinese history. 

Former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin was behind that campaign, and his chief lieutenants personally visited the Masanjia facility, and presented awards to guards for devising the most innovative and effective techniques of inflicting pain.

Prison guards used a variation on the torture technique “five horses splitting the body” on Zhang Lianying, who was sent to Masanjia in 2008 because she was a hard-to-crack case—the intense, specialized torture devised and dished out by Masanjia was supposed to rid her of her beliefs in Falun Gong’s principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. 

Guards locked her feet in wooden boards, then snapped cuffs separately onto her hands — they then tied rope to the cuffs, fed them through metal bunk beds to each side of her, and pulled them forward hard. Guards at her back pushed her forward and violently kicked. Her body was stuck, bent at a 90-degree angle, and torn forward. “The pain quickly made my clothes soaked with sweat,” Zhang wrote in an experience., a Falun Gong website,notes: “The pain of this torture is unimaginable.”  



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