China states it will never use nuclear weapons against Japan;And they will always love and respect you in the morning!

Comment: I hope the rest of the world treats this statement just as a grain of salt – The Chinese Government are the best of the best when it comes to  immoral dishonesty, corruption, and constantly looking directly in the worlds eyes with a straight face and telling constant lies!

A Chinese Foreign Ministry official stated at the U.N. European headquarters on Friday that China will never use nuclear weapons against Japan, or any other nuke-free zones, under any circumstances.

Pang Sen, the director general of the Foreign Ministry’s Arms Control Department, made the statement while discussing the issue of North Korea, adding that as a member of the U.N. Security Council, China is in support of the Korean Peninsula’s denuclearization, and that the lack of mutual trust is the problem when dealing with Pyongyang.

China has made it a policy of not using nuclear weapons in a first-strike, but observers have noted that it’s uncommon for a high-ranking government official to name a specific country. As for North Korea, Pang said that the cycle of escalated tensions is caused by increases of military force on either side creating fear on the other. He adds that it’s time for the countries involved to sit down and talk, as a solution can only be found through peace and diplomacy.

The Friday meeting at the U.N. also saw the five nuclear arms-carrying nations — Britain, France, Russia, China, and the U.S. — released a joint-statement about their concern over the threat that nuclear development programs in North Korea and Iran pose to the goal of global nuclear nonproliferation. As the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, the nation’s declaration was made ahead of this week’s preparations for the 2015 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference.

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