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China – Official Organ Trade Network Revealed

Comment : This proves once again that Unashamedly Corrupt, Morally Bankrupt Chinese Government’t don’t give a F**k about human rights!

Less than two weeks after Lens magazine in mainland China blew the whistle on the torture taking place in China’s Masanjia Labor Camp, another magazine from the same company has revealed the existence of a nationwide network involved in trading organs. This more recent article hints at an even larger story yet unreported by mainland China’s media involving atrocities committed by the regime.

In an April 15 article in the business magazine Caijing investigative reporter Xu Qianchuan documents ties between individuals involved in illegally selling kidneys and the regime’s courts and military hospitals. 

The article breaks important new ground on a story that has been percolating for over a year. In February 2012 Caijing reported on illegal organ trading in China, and since then the regime has on several occasions announced busts of gangs selling illegally obtained kidneys.

Xu spent one year investigating the case of Zheng Wei, whose trial began in February 2012 in Beijing. Zheng was the alleged leader of a team of 15 who are said to have provided over 50 kidneys for transplantation, earning US$1.6 million (10 million yuan).

How Zheng and others managed to carry this off had not previously been explained.

As Epoch Times commentator Heng He observed about the Zheng Wei case in an October 2012 article, “For a regular criminal, a member of a street gang, creating a sophisticated organ transplant system by himself would be almost impossible.” 

Xu Qianchuan’s reporting helps fill some of the gaps. Xu said that with the help of – READ MORE HERE:


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