JapanToday News Outlet – Quickly Censors the Truth about US Beef & Ractopamine

JapanToday News quickly censored the following comment because it was “Off Topic” to their news story: 

“U.S. welcomes Japan’s easing of restrictions on U.S. beef”


“I really, really hope that the Japanese are not going to be that stupid and buy US beef – it’s a fact that most has the toxic chemical  Ractopamine which is now banned in 160 countries and that even includes China & Russia . Just Google this very bad chemical.  JA also needs to educate as many residents as possible to protect the local industry.  Also “come on”Japan Today do a story on the well know cover-up!”

The “Moderator” 2nd reply to the question of removal was:

“There is no “well-known” cover-up. Please do not bring your obsessions to the discussion board.”

HOWEVER; They allowed this comment:

HiroicciJAN. 29, 2013 – 09:54AM JST

The world is divided on ractopamine. That could mean two things: 1) it’s not yet scientifically proved to be safe or harmful; 2) an excuse for protectionism.

If the case of 300 people who suffered from food poisoning in Shanghai after eating ractopamine beef is anything to go by, then that chemical should be seen as a suspect for health damage, but the thing is that there haven’t been many other cases reported.

Japan limits the import of beef, when it contains more ractopamine than a certain level. It sounds cautious, but, as long as the chemical’s damage hasn’t been verified, this is still reckless.”

Well, for those who want to read the truth about US beef & Ractopamine, here are some links:

1.       http://www.bbsradio.com/cgi-bin/webbbs/webbbs_config.pl?md=read;id=5837

2.       http://beforeitsnews.com/food-and-farming/2012/12/us-meat-is-poisonous-says-russia-and-rejects-imports-2446988.html

3.       http://www.beefcentral.com/p/news/article/2545

4.       http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrew-gunther/would-you-like-extra-ract_b_2206643.html


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