Japan Times joins the club of Japanese Media Outlets quick to censor any factual comments

Yes, I’m very sad to advise that even the Japan Times have joined “Japanese Heavily Censored Media” club that quickly censors any comments that are truthful but a little embarrassing.

“Japan to ease mad cow curbs on U.S. beef, reduce domestic testing”


A good friend who lives in Japan posted a comment on the above story page that just stated that he would not put any US beef on his family’s dinner plates after finding out that most has a chemical, (Being Ractopamine) that has made countries like China & Russia ban US beef imports –

Within minutes of submitting the story, it was removed, and unlike JapanToday, who removed my similar comments, there’s been no advice, communication that his comment was removed.

I am really learning to understand why some many think that Japan and the people are so “ANAL RETENTIVE” if the Japanese government has got that bigger grip on the big media outlets balls to censor even slightly delicate information!

The amusing thing about this story is that the Japan Times promotes the slogan –

“All The News Without Fear Or Favor”



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  1. read the online copy a copy of days ago and there was no examination of the main issues the government is addressing, those to do with social welfare. By not discussing these issues the paper leaving it to the ruling party to have their way.
    The NHK has also done the same thing but in a far more insidous way replacing the news real news with military reports suggesting that the constitution should be changed to allow Japan to go to war with who we all know. It seems to be starting to go down the same path as 70 years ago.

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