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Chinese-Made Parts Found in North Korean Missile, Report Says = More Proof Chinese Government is Dishonest & Un-Scrupulous!


The wreckage of the North Korea’s rocket is seen at the Second Fleet Command’s naval base on Dec. 14, 2012 in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. (Yeong-Wook/DongA Daily/Getty Images)

  • This is more proof that the Chinese Government treats international treaties with total contempt!
  • More Proof that the Chinese Government is dishonest, corrupt, deceitful and has no scruples.
  • No repect towards it’s neighbors like Japan in regards to security.


A South Korean military official said that some of the parts used in North Korea’s successful rocket launch last month appear to have been made in China.

A United Nations Security Council resolution stipulates member countries cannot export missile parts to the isolated communist regime of North Korea.

The military of South Korea has analyzed the debris, which includes a fuel tank, from the rocket launch that fell into the Yellow Sea, a source told Japanese broadcaster NHK. The official did not specify which part came from China, but said there was Chinese writing on it.

The official said that parts appear to have come from four other countries, but did not elaborate. The South Korea-based Yonhap News Agency said that “some European nations” produced the other components.

But it appears that the components do not violate the Missile Technology Control Regime, which was adopted by 34 nations in 1987 to prevent the proliferation of missile and drone technology, because they are non-core parts, the agency reported.

The South Korean defense ministry believes that the North has made a relative advance in its missile technologies after examining the debris, reported Yonhap. It has placed the range of the rocket at around 6,000 miles—on par with a number of other intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“Most of core components used in the long-range missile were…

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