JapanToday News – Just another Censored News Outlet controlled by the Japanese Government Bad as China

Japan today (http://www.japantoday.com)  has just removed the following comment because if was “Off Topic” 

 The comments were related to the story of the Algerian hostage crisis AND the truth about what is happening there –  Shame on JapanToday for:

  1 – Not reporting the truth

2.Just reporting censored government spin.

3. Censoring comments that are related to the story but embarrasses them.

 They are just as bad as NHK – you should hang your heads in shame of NOT reporting the truth – just spin and lies

Censored Comment- “here is an update that tells the TRUTH about what is going on in Algeria – not just government spin about Abe returning because of the crisis blah blah ! For god sakes, why aren’t you guys reporting the truth or does the government censor you THAT BAD.

 Educate yourselves by looking what other reputable news outlets are reporting such as this one:”


This is what Japan Today News reported which if compared to ABC it’s a censored JOKE! :



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