Canon Model 5230 Printer Review- IMAO – Don’t Buy One because….

You DON’T want a printer that is fast, economical and just puts a lot of your money in the Canon Co’s pocket!

Canon Model 5230 Printer- 3 out 5 stars – And are all of the models in the 5000 series probably the same?

  • You need a pilots license to use it.
  • No English Language options
  • It can take up to 5 mins to warm up – grunting, humming, groaning, beeping during the slow process.
  • It can take up to 2-3 mins making the above mentioned same noises randomly during use.
  • It has small and large black ink cartridge – Of course the small black one get used and runs out first – Why would you design it to have two black – Go Figure??
  • It still uses a large amount of ink out of the coloured cartridges to constantly clean itself – so you are forever buying colored ink cartridges – even though you have changed the settings to only print black.
  • Documents in black and white can’t be printed if the very small coloured cartridges are low or empty
  • Nearly impossible to set it up on the wireless LAN mode – even with the help from customer service, that in the end could not work out why it was not working.

Summary – IMAO – Too Hard, Too Technical, Too slow- Not recommended – I wouldn’t have another one if it was given to me for FREE!


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