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Sukiya Restaurant すき屋 松富支店 Matsutomi, Shizuoka Japan – Quick Review


  • Visit date & time – January 7, 2012 – 08:40am
  • Total No of customers, Including ourselves – 4


  • Right hand door glass entrance door bangs when closing – Not a great wake up tool

入り口右開け押しのガラスドアは自動にしまる時大きな音をたて 朝だからびっくり。

  • The only male staff member did not say “irrashaimase”

       男性スタッフは いらっしゃいませ を言わなかった。

  • Music was quite loud and was only suitable for young persons – Perhaps a radio station-Not suitable for the morning


    音楽は結構大きい音で若者むけ。 ラジオ局の音楽。朝には向かない音楽。

  • Floor & counters very dirty – customer service bell / buzzer


  • Air-conditioning wall outlet filthy


  • Male staff attitude quite bad and unfriendly – forget about getting a smile!  Although he was quite friendly to a young female staff member that came in to start work


  • Same the male staff member coughed over the food in the preparation area and while carrying the food trays to the customers. He was not wearing a mask.


  • Food consumed: Breakfast set menu + Tofu, Miso soup, Karaage & Gyudon side dishes – The Karaage was poor with 2 floury tasting bit sized pieces of chicken & a long twisted bit of batter with no chicken. The Gyudon pork dish had quite a lot of fat. Also the water that was originally served by “Mr No Smiles but I’m Cool” – the same male staff was just horrible.

朝食セットメニュー と 豆腐 味噌汁 から揚げ 牛丼(ライス無) -から揚げは貧弱(2個のから揚げは小麦粉が大半で鳥の身は少しのみ、3個目のから揚げは長くよじれていて鳥はま


Summary – In our opinion, this is a fast food franchise restaurant that you would think twice going to. Why?  – If they are not concerned about maintaining basic cleanliness in the restaurant, what would their standard and care be like in the kitchen area for food preparation?   Score: 4 /10


清潔感を考えないようならば食事を用意する(作っている)キッチンエリアはどのようになっているのか疑問である。……… 10点満点のうち4点をつける


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