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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

Japan Times joins the club of Japanese Media Outlets quick to censor any factual comments

Yes, I’m very sad to advise that even the Japan Times have joined “Japanese Heavily Censored Media” club that quickly censors any comments that are truthful but a little embarrassing. … Continue reading

January 29, 2013 · 1 Comment

JapanToday News Outlet – Quickly Censors the Truth about US Beef & Ractopamine

JapanToday News quickly censored the following comment because it was “Off Topic” to their news story:  “U.S. welcomes Japan’s easing of restrictions on U.S. beef” “I really, really hope … Continue reading

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Australia; News Ltd Website – Censored with bias and / or by the LNP Government?

The News Ltd website  – did not reveal the whole truth about “GOLD Coast MP Jann Stuckey has lost her ninth staff member in nine months amid allegations of … Continue reading

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CIA Operative Takes Responsibility for Algerian Gas Plant Attack – Video

Mokhtar Belmokhtar — said to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attack by the Islamist al-Mulathameen (Masked) Brigade on the In Amenas Gas complex in Algeria — takes credit for … Continue reading

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Indian political party distributes knives to women – More proof the Country in just a “Basket Case”

A far-right political party in India is distributing thousands of knives to women in Mumbai to help them protect themselves after a fatal gang rape last month alarmed the country. … Continue reading

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U.N. Report Says U.S. Still Torturing Prisoners Under Obama’s Leadership = Lies & Broken Promises

Click on this link to view the disgraceful truth –

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Chinese-Made Parts Found in North Korean Missile, Report Says = More Proof Chinese Government is Dishonest & Un-Scrupulous!

This is more proof that the Chinese Government treats international treaties with total contempt! More Proof that the Chinese Government is dishonest, corrupt, deceitful and has no scruples. No repect … Continue reading

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CNN Caught Red Handed! Why Was CNN Using Fake Sandy Hook Footage? (Updated – New Video)

Why was CNN running fake Sandy Hook school shooting footage during their initial report? According to this excellent story on Digital Journal, anyone with Google Earth can examine the property … Continue reading

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Chinese mine killing livestock, destroying farm in Tibet – This is disgraceful, but unusal for the Chinese Government

DHARAMSHALA, January 21: A major Chinese mining project in central Tibet has forced the eviction of hundreds of Tibetans from their ancestral lands and caused severe damage to the environment, … Continue reading

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The Student Who Obtained a ZERO Score ON AN EXAM

I like this guy – he could go on to become a politician. Q1. In which battle did Napoleon die? * his last battle Q2. Where was the Declaration of … Continue reading

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Big Brands to boycott: Naked juice owned by PepsiCo, Odwalla owned by Coca-Cola

(NaturalNews) Pepsi and Coke both sell “natural” food smoothies and other products under the brands Naked and Odwalla, respectively. Both of these so called health food brands have been around … Continue reading

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China – Japanese executives in Shanghai locked in room for 2 days by disgruntled workers

The executives of an electronic parts manufacturer in Shanghai, China, operated by Japan’s Shinmei Electric Co., spent two days locked in a room by employees demanding better labor conditions, including … Continue reading

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Who really owns Facebook & Why you should NOT follow Illuminati…

Viacom – One of the big 6 media monopolists The Owners of Viacon are part of the CFR which is “Illuminati” which is the government Google also has a huge … Continue reading

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Chinese Landslide Survivors Say Officials Covered Up Truth

Villagers in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province are demanding that Chinese authorities re-investigate what triggered last Friday’s landslide that killed 46 people in a village, suggesting that a nearby coal mine … Continue reading

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WiTopia VPN – Review from Japan…Revised

  5 star Service – Quick and Very supportive. Constant connection errors or at best – very slow by it taking 3-4 minutes for connection To hard for the average … Continue reading

January 19, 2013 · 1 Comment

JapanToday News – Just another Censored News Outlet controlled by the Japanese Government Bad as China

Japan today (  has just removed the following comment because if was “Off Topic”   The comments were related to the story of the Algerian hostage crisis AND the truth about … Continue reading

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Japan – Government NHK TV censors and lies about the truth in Algeria – Disgraceful!

NHK TV News tonight report that there was just fighting going on between Algerian forces and the terrorists holding the hostages. The UN-censored truth is that Japanese amongst other hostage … Continue reading

January 18, 2013 · Leave a comment Review….

Great Website, it’s a shame that many of the recipes are shown by slide cards and DO NOT list quantities of ingredients WTF? – for example:    

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Canon Model 5230 Printer Review- IMAO – Don’t Buy One because….

You DON’T want a printer that is fast, economical and just puts a lot of your money in the Canon Co’s pocket! Canon Model 5230 Printer- 3 out 5 stars … Continue reading

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Sukiya Restaurant すき屋 松富支店 Matsutomi, Shizuoka Japan – Quick Review

Visit date & time – January 7, 2012 – 08:40am Total No of customers, Including ourselves – 4 お客様はほとんどいません。私達を含めて4名のみ。 Right hand door glass entrance door bangs when closing – Not … Continue reading

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Hills Bros Coffee Review – IMO…Not value for money!

Ground Coffee purchased from Jumbo Encho Store in Shizuoka, Japan In my opinion – Good: Well priced Bad: Poor taste and very weak – NOT value for money

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Graboid ‘Revolution’ (2012) – 1×05 – Soul Train 399MB

It’s has been reported as a download failure after two attempts ALTHOUGH it has the status of “It Works”

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