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Ractopamine – Is this the next toxic chemical food scandal from the USA, Canada Mexico & South America?

Ractopamine is now banned in 160 countries incl China & Russia, but countries like America still arrogantly argue that is safe and still allow it’s use, despite several health warnings!

Please help expose the use of this toxic chemical AND boycott the beef & pork from the countries that still use it: 

1. Japan, none the the media such as NHK, The Japan Times, and Japan Today want to report on it! Why? probably because the local beef & pork industry uses the toxic chemical. Japan Agriculture also has not responded to our enquiries of the chemical use.

2. The Australian Pork Industry has also failed to respond to our enquires. The Australian Beef Assoc has, and has confirmed that the toxic chemical is not licenced or used in it’s industry.

 3. Brazilian Pork – due to be imported into Japan in 2013 already has it!

 4. American & South American Beef & Pork already has it!




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This entry was posted on December 22, 2012 by in General News Stories.
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