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Monthly Archives: December, 2012

China to be surrounded by US stealth jets by 2017

The United States’ presence in the Asia-Pacific is about to be much more impressive: by 2017, the US is expected to have all but surrounded China, its number one economic … Continue reading

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Graboid – “Arrow – 1×05 AFG” Download

Doesn’t work, although the ‘Tag’ says the opposite – another waste of 368 MB

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Graboid – TV Show ‘Arrow 1×05 Damaged’ … Review

Although some subscriber as voted it as “It Works”  It actually doesn’t! Don’t waste the 313MB in trying! Another Graboid Lemon! And like many other series available, a few episodes … Continue reading

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Graboid Movie – “Hit & Run(2012) 2cds – 1689 MB Review

High Quality Can’t remove very annoying of NON English subtitles No English subtitles – although stated.

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Ractopamine – Is this the next toxic chemical food scandal from the USA, Canada Mexico & South America?

Ractopamine is now banned in 160 countries incl China & Russia, but countries like America still arrogantly argue that is safe and still allow it’s use, despite several health warnings! … Continue reading

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SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! You all remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona , who painted the jail cells pink and made the inmates wear pink prison garb. Well……… … Continue reading

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Japan – Ajinomoto CookDo Sauce Product Review

  Good Points: Good Value for money – Being quick concentrated, it can mix with a large quanity of lot of ingredients, such as cabbage. Easy Instructions Not too many toxic … Continue reading

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Twitter Bugs – What Several Tweeters have reported that is not getting fixed…

Tweeters Text is disappearing and not being showed in tweet messages, if a photo is attached Timelines are showing duplicate tweet messages. Text is not included ‘Reply Tweets’,  if a … Continue reading

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Japan – Japan Agriculture (JA) Vegetable Juice Product Review

  Good Points: Produced with local ingredients, (Apparently) to support local jobs Not too sweet nor doesn’t have an acid taste due to a lower quantity of Tomato juice. Moderately … Continue reading

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Australia – Devondale Cheese Product Review…

Good Points: No Preservatives Australian Owned (Good For Australian Jobs)  Bad Points: Dry and VERY flakey – Fall to bits when trying to slice it. Not very tasty for a … Continue reading

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