Man’s ‘tongue bitten off’ in Kings Cross row -Sydney Australia

A WOMAN bit off part of her boyfriend’s tongue because he wouldn’t let her get a taxi after a late-night argument, a court heard yesterday.
Danielle Lee Hanna, 28, was arrested at the Formule 1 motel in Kings Cross on Tuesday after her boyfriend Jake Collins, 19, was found at the police station “screaming and screaming for help” with “a major laceration to his tongue”, documents tendered in court stated.

Hanna, from Narraweena, was charged with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm.

Police said Hanna and Mr Police said that when they went to the motel she told them “they had an argument, she wanted to go home and tried to get into a cab but Collins wouldn’t let her so she bit his tongue off.”

Mr Collins’ tongue was almost fully severed and he underwent surgery at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Hanna did not enter a plea to the charge and was released on bail the day of the alleged attack. The matter returns to court on July 5


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