US kids behave better than Brits and Aussies on car trips, survey finds

“Are we there yet?”

It’s a question parents dread – but new research shows American adults are doing a little better than their contemporaries across the pond and Down Under.

Australian children have the world’s shortest fuses in cars, closely followed by British brats, according to a survey by Amsterdam-based GPS manufacturer TomTom.

Aussie children aged two to eight will last for just 23 minutes, on average, on a trip before they get bored and start to play up.

Children from the UK made it to 24 minutes, those from the US stretched their patience to half an hour and little ones from New Zealand lasted a relatively merciful 39 minutes before kicking up a stink.

So why do Aussie children become a challenge so quickly? TomTom Asia Pacific spokeswoman Valarie Cross told The (Sydney) Daily Telegraph it might have something to do with the geography Down Under.

 “When you compare Australians to people in places like Europe they take a lot more holidays by car rather than by plane,” she said.

“There is that tradition of the family road trip and that means kids might be getting into the car more often and so will tend to get restless faster.”

A quarter of parents surveyed admitted they lied to their children about the expected time of arrival to make journeys seem shorter.

And more than 40 percent said being stuck in a car with the kids was more stressful than work. Even the dentist’s chair was a more calming place to be for more than a third of parents


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