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‘Save The Planet’ Environmental Household Tips – Natural Dandruff Treatment

Mixture 1

Make a mixture of two tablespoons of white vinegar, one tablespoon of rum and one tablespoon of castor oil.

Massage into the scalp and leave for 30 minutes

Shampoo as normal except for not allowing the Shampoo & Conditioner to be in hair for more than one minute.

Mixture 2

Mix tow tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of castor oil and one tablespoon of bay rum.

Leave for 3 minutes.

Shampoo as usual or massage shaving cream into hair before rinsing with coldest water as possible

Mixture 3

Mix 25 drops of tea tree oil with 50ml of slight warm coconut oi and massage it thoroughly into the scalp

Cover hair with warm towel if possible for an hour, then wash as usual with a tea tree shampoo. –

Make your own by adding 5 five of tea tree oil to one tablespoon of mild shampoo – such as baby shampoo. Repeat process once a week….


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