Vending machine dispenses marijuana so no-one gets arrested

Members can buy marijuana for medicinal purposes

  • Machine dispenses one gram bags of the drug
  • Police say they are monitoring the club’s activities
NEW Zealand’s first cannabis club has installed a vending machine to dispense the drug.
The club, the Daktory in the West Auckland suburb of New Lynn, has been using the machine to avoid any members being charged for dealing in the drug.The hired vending machine, usually filled with toys or confectionery, sells one-gram bags of cannabis for $NZ20 ($A15.70), the AucklandNow website reports.

The Daktory opened in November 2008, but after its founder Dakta Green was jailed in June 2011 for possessing, selling and allowing the warehouse to be used for drug taking, its doors closed.

It has since been used as the headquarters for the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml).

Cannabis clubs are set up as places where marijuana is sold to people for medicinal purposes.h

However, Norml president Julian Crawford confirmed the Daktory club was again open for business.

Mr Crawford said the vending machine has been a hit with guests.

Waitemata police said the club was being monitored as part of “normal routine policing


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