Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order For The Mobilization and Seizure Of All American Resources Towards “Emergencies”, Preparations For Full Scale War

On Friday, President Obama signed an Executive order triggering provisions and posturing for the government seizure of any and all private property necessary (including food) for the war effort.

The foundations for all of this were laid in many Executive Orders drafted in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan, shortly after the U.S.
government became officially aware of Peak Oil.

Folks stuff like this doesn’t get signed unless you are preparing for an imminent disaster or large scale war. With the arrival of the U.S.S. Enterprise on its “final” voyage” and its carrier group, that brings the number of carrier groups in the Persian Gulf to THREE CARRIER GROUPS. The Enterprise, Carl Vincent and Abraham Lincoln. Accompanying these groups are major logistical and supply vessels that number far higher than normally in a fleet. “Gulf Of Tonkin” incident anyone?

This isn’t sabre rattling. For the past year we have seen unprecedented security measure being put in place with broad central state and police powers and bypassing of the U.S. Constitution despite the demise of Kim Jong Il, Osama Bin Laden, Moamar Ghaddaffi and rejections of Islamist Rule. We are moving towards a state of war unseen since the second world war


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