Scottish serial bride prepares for fifth wedding aged 29


A SCOTTISH serial bride who married four times before her 24th birthday is planning to tie the knot for the fifth time – at just 29.
Alison Smith’s first husband ran off with her mum after just 10 days, her second was a last-minute stand-in for a fiance who jilted her and the third was an alleged bigamist.The mother-of-two, from Arbroath in northeastern Scotland, was dumped by her fourth husband, Alex Shepherd, when he caught her cheating with her current partner Matthew Hume, who she plans to wed.

Shephard, who was married to Smith for almost four years, said, “I was aware of her previous husbands – I knew most of them – but thought she’d changed. Obviously she hasn’t.”

 Shephard, 31, will appear in court later this month for allegedly assaulting his estranged wife’s new fiance.

Hume said, “She just wants to put all that stuff behind her and be left in peace by everyone.”


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