Australia – Fears wild dogs following children home

Rural lobby group AgForce says it is becoming worried about the risk of wild dog attacks on children.

AgForce president Brent Finlay says the feral dog population is continuing to increase in some areas, despite control efforts.

He says there have been reports of dogs following children close to residential areas.

“I’ve been in meetings in different places in Queensland and in some what we call peri-urban [areas] – close to the major provincial centres – including Brisbane, where we have also heard about children being followed home from school,” he said.

“It can happen with these wild dogs, because there are more and more of these wild dogs coming closer and closer to humans.”

He says it is not just a problem for graziers.

“Particularly in the peri-urban [areas] but also in the larger landholdings as well, it is really concerning,” he said.

“The population of wild dogs continues to explode.

“It is a major problem – I think it is one of the most significant problems that is emerging in rural and regional Queensland, and human safety is absolutely paramount.

“That’s another reason we need all land managers to destroy these dogs.”


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