Brazil sues Twitter users over speed traps

BRASILIA, Brazil, Feb. 7 (UPI) — Brazil has sued to suspend accounts of Twitter users who use tweets to warn people about radar locations, speed traps and DUI checkpoints, officials say.

The attorney general of Brazil filed for a preliminary injunction to block tweets and suspend the accounts, claiming Twitter users are putting people in danger because police can’t properly do their jobs, CNET reported.

Twitters users are also breaking the country’s penal, criminal, and traffic codes, the suit says.

If the injunction is granted, Twitter users who violate it could be fined as much as $290,000 per day.

Last week, Twitter announced it would selectively remove tweets and block Twitter users at a government’s request, a decision strongly opposed by many as censorship.

Twitter had no comment on whether it would work with the Brazilian government in this case to block users and remove the tweets about speed traps, CNET said.


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