Sticky sauerkraut spill closes highway

AN accident involving a truck carrying a large load of sauerkraut caused a 10km backup on a major German highway overnight when the sticky substance froze solid on the road, thwarting attempts at removal.

The fermented cabbage with a distinctive sour taste, a popular German dish, proved extremely adhesive when it landed on the A5 motorway near Friedberg, just north of Frankfurt, as reported.

The road had to be partially salted before it could all be scraped up, according to police.

The sauerkraut saga began shortly before 5am local time when the driver of the kraut transport truck apparently misjudged the speed of a car in front of him and rammed its rear. A truck following behind then hit the kraut vehicle, scattering the bags of cabbage across the road.

The driver of the car was slightly injured and the estimated damage was €100,000 ($US132,000).


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