Drunken sailor climbs into bed with 80-year-old woman in Washington state

AUTHORITIES say a drunken sailor who urinated on a stranger’s floor before getting into the 80-year-old woman’s bed in Bremerton, Washington, will not face charges.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office told the local newspaper that Dalton C Pierson, 21, was “totally humiliated” after the incident where he ended up in the wrong apartment early yesterday.Pierson, who is stationed at the nearby Naval Base Kitsap, had been playing video games at a friend’s apartment where he was also drinking alcohol.When he left he wandered into a neighbour’s home by mistake, with the sheriff’s office explaining the apartment looked just like the one he had left.Authorities were alerted to the intruder after the resident, Evelyn Whitney, called her son and said she awoke to find a man urinating all over her floor.

Whitney said the stranger climbed into bed with her and when she asked what he was doing, Pierson responded, “Passing out.”


Deputies arrived and woke a “visibly intoxicated” Pierson before he was led away in handcuffs.

Scott Wilson, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, said Pierson’s actions had been determined to be “drunken stupidity,” but he hadn’t committed any crimes.

The young sailor apologised to Whitney today and offered to pay her cleaning bill when he visited with his supervising naval officer.

Pierson’s supervising officer “made him sit down and listen while I scolded him,” Whitney said. “After that, I felt much better.”


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