Corpse ‘wakes up’ before funeral pyre

AN Indian woman narrowly escaped being burned alive after doctors wrongly declared her dead and relatives prepared her funeral pyre.
Grieving family members were about to place 72-year-old Magan Kanwar on the flames yesterday when she suddenly “woke up”, was reported.

Female mourners who were bathing the “corpse” in preparation for the traditional send-off noticed she was breathing and the funeral in Jaipur, northwest India, was immediately halted.

Ms Kanwar was rushed to hospital, where she is now undergoing further treatment for the brain hemorrhage she suffered in a fall on Tuesday.

Her son, Surendra Singh Rathore, accused doctors of having prematurely declared his mother dead.

“At the village while performing some rituals we found my mother was breathing and alive. Later, a doctor there told us everything, including her heart beat and blood pressure, was normal.”


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