Japanese Girls Wearing Miniskirts & Hot Pants In Winter-WTF?

In comparison with other famous Ice and Snow Festivals, Japan’s Hokkaido Sapporo Ice and Snow Festival in recent years have made various country’s tourists tremble with its “scenery”, that would be the crazy beauty-loving Hokkaido hot girls in the midst of the magnificent ice sculptures. They not only seek the height of fashion trends, they also want to make everyone dumbstruck with their super ability to resist cold.

In Hokkaido’s blizzard, in freezing temperatures over ten degrees below zero, hot girls walk the streets still wearing revealing short skirts and hot pants, without even stockings. One tourist from a Nordic country who participated in Sapporo’s Ice and Snow Festival later wrote online: “As a Nordic person, icy and snowy days are no big deal, but the young Japanese girls here have really shocked me, they are too crazy! In temperatures over 10 degrees below zero, wearing miniskirts or hot pants exposing their legs, their two legs having frozen bright pink, indeed apparently without a concern”.


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